Company Overview

"Monolithic" sense of values for all your "monozukuri". Communicating “monozukuri” ideas and creativity directly to the end-user.J.TESORI innovates all phases of planning, developing and marketing under the “monolithic” concept.
“Monozukuri” means to have the spirit to produce excellent products
and the ability to constantly improve a production system and process in Japanese.

J.TESORI’s Goals

J.TESORI brings new values to the audio field. These values integrate all processes from planning to marketing of audio products under the “monolithic system”. This makes it possible to unite creativity, product R&D and manufacturing, with marketing, planning/distribution/sales, in a single strong plan.

J.TESORI’s Creativity

By fully incorporating the experience and achievement of Joji Kuriyama, J.TESORI’s representative, as an audio engineer, we create an audio system based on the concept of “humanizing of technology”.

At the core of this technological development is Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, which Kuriyama has led the way in engineering its development for over thirty years. Kuriyama’s achievements span a range of developments from professional audio signal processing equipment and mixing consoles to small PC speakers for consumer. In addition, through developing all types of instruments and systems applications, a catalog of research work has been accumulated in the fields of psycho-acoustics and human interfaces (please refer to the President Profile for further details).

J.TESORI introduces original and joint-developed products, and also provides consultancy to audio equipment manufacturers centered on this unique technology.

J.TESORI’s Marketing

Sales strategy and marketing are essential for precisely and effectively communicating the advantages of superior technologies and the products into which they are incorporated. J.TESORI provides the know-how to realize brand consistency by making full use of Kuriyama’s experience implementing global companies’ worldwide strategies in Japanese market. We make highly efficient and effective development-integrated marketing and user-communication strategy possible.

Business Outline

dot R&D/Manufacturing/Sales & Marketing of audio products
  • Concert halls/Theaters/Commercial facilities
  • Recording studio instruments
  • Home audio equipment
  • Acoustic experimental systems for universities and research institutes
dot Various consulting for audio and visual related products
  • Product planning/Development/Sales & Marketing
  • Brand building

Company Information

J.TESORI Co., Ltd. Company Information 6/2014
Company Name J.TESORI Co., Ltd.
President Joji Kuriyama arrow Profile
Office 4-23-609 Kaigandori Naka-ku Yokohama Kanagawa 231-0002, Japan
Tel / Fax +81-45-264-9879
Establishment June. 1 2010
Capital JPY 3,000,000-
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Roppongi Branch

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